KIMfrieders mixed media artist
Open Studio Event and Group Exhibition, Community Watch, Kim's home, Chicago

Community Watch is an exhibition of a select group of 10 local artists who I have encountered in my artistic endeavors and who I have featured on The Art Community page, held in celebration of Chicago Artists Month and in conjunction with my annual Open Studio Event. See below for information on each artist and how we met, as well as links to their websites.

Nikki Hollander's acrylic and mixed media paintings place images of everyday life in the 1950s and 60s against abstract backgrounds on unconventional fabric surfaces. Nikki and I completed our undergraduate study together at Millikin University in 2000, often working side by side in the printmaking and painting studios. Since moving to Chicago, we've continued to work together in preparing for mutual shows and providing artistic input.

Sarah Perez makes photos, sculpture and more that teeter between serious and humorous, authentic and reproduced, with a flair of theatrics and a great deal of attention to craftsmanship. Sarah is also an alumni and friend from Millikin, although Sarah graduated one year later than I, so I was not able to watch her baccalaureate work unfold as closely.

Andy Doyle meticulously blends bold oil pastel colors onto matboard in the creation of linear, emotion-filled portraits, mostly of strong women and passionate couples. Andy is also a musician, which is how we met, just shortly after I moved to Chicago. Currently, Andy and my partner Andrew, together with Brian Leonard and Scott Thaxton, make up the band Graymail.

Erica Huntzinger's colorful oil paintings employ handwritten text, collage and masterful use of linseed oil in the service of rich, tactile layering. Erica and I met at the 2001 Around the Coyote Fall Arts Festival. In the years since, Erica provided me with exhibition opportunity and introduction to other Chicago artists at the former Gathering Place gallery, and started the First Tuesdays Artists Group, which I hosted a few times in 2005.

Krisin Komar's powerful abstract oil paintings address the organization of simplified shapes, particularly oblong circles, into harmonious, though unplanned, compositions. I was introduced to Kristin at the 2002 Fall ATC Fest by fellow artist Niki Kriese and shortly thereafter they invited into their critique group, ArtBitch, which meets several times per year. Kristin and I also share a web designer, Andrew Tibbetts.

Janelle Cipriano works with a variety of media, employing a collage style of layering, crisp, clean lines, and a strong sense of design. Janelle and I met at one of the Chicago Artist Coalition's monthly Artists Salons, where we discovered we have a great deal in common, from our current locality and affiliations to childhood influences. Earlier this summer, Janelle invited me into her studio to discuss a series of works in progress for an upcoming show.

Liza Berkoff's photography, often printed and stretched on canvas, uniquely captures seemingly unexpected encounters and events, allowing the viewer a glimpse into her adventures. Liza became a quick friend following our second meeting at the 2005 Fall ATC Fest. This past August, Liza and I worked together in my studio - she shooting photos of me working on paintings.

Kathleen Vojta's mixed media paintings suspend layers of paint and collage in thick transparent plastic, each layer both complicated and simplified by the next. Andrew and I met Kathleen in April while attending a Soup Salon art event and dinner party put on by Ali Walsh of and Matt McDermott of I fell in love with Kathleen's paintings upon first site when Andrew began working on her soon-to-be-released new website.

Kim Hoffman paints, collages and stitches imagery of plants and environments onto linen and wood, using the silhouette as a strong visual element. I first met at the 2005 Fall ATC Fest then again a few months at the NOVA Art Fair, where she told me about her work with Archival Imaging producing giclee print editions for local artists. Earlier this year I became a client, when Kim offered me an exhibition and print edition through the recently opened Ai Gallery.

Heather Hancock is a mosaic artist who has developed a painterly sense of abstraction through experimentation with glass and use of grout (or lack thereof). Heather and I traded emails for some time, about our enjoyment of each other's work and a shared interest in New York artist Jason Rohlf, before finally meeting in person recently at the 2006 Fall ATC Fest.
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