KIMfrieders mixed media artist
March 2, 2008
Parts and Labor: Relics & Reuse
Parts and Labor Collective kicks off our 2008 event schedule with Relics and Reuse, the first in a series of themed exhibitions, next Saturday, March 8th, from 7-midnight.

This exhibition focuses on work that finds new meaning to old materials, from artists Wayne Bertola, Charlie De Leonardis, Kim Frieders, Gwynne Johnson, Damara Kaminecki, Amelia Kieras, Danny King, Mike McGovern, Roxanne McGovern, Michael Pajon, Holly Sabin, Alenna Marie Sandy and Deva Suckerman.

Click here for the Press Release, which further describes the collective, and the impetus for and work included in the exhibition.

Parts and Labor Collective has also recently inaugurated our new website, courtesy of member Madeleine LeMieux and boyfriend Camden. The site includes our 2008 event schedule, member profiles, links to related sites including the collective's myspace and blog, individual artists' sites, and more.

Relics and Reuse should be an excellent show, hope you can make it! If the door is locked when you arrive, call 773-407-7279. Beverage contributions are highly appreciated. Chances are the Treehouse will have another afterparty. :) See you next Saturday!


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