KIMfrieders mixed media artist
2007 | This and That, presented by Brilliante Records | Country Club | Chicago, IL
Artwork by (left to right) Shawn Finley, Kim Frieders and Jay Esangga.
Artwork by Shawn Finley, Jenny Inzerillo, Christine Scott, Mike Hensel, Jacob Stickman, Chris Strong, Eric Von Hayes, Joe Wigdahl and David Cuesta.
Artwork by (left to right) Bridget Joyce and Melanie Larson. Bridget is pictured, in the blue shirt.
Artwork by Jay Esangga. Jay is pictured on the right.
The space filled quickly, with throws of guests enjoying the free Goose Island 312, Imperial IPA and fruit flavored sodas.
Performance by LMNOP.
Performance by Maradona. Front man, Jay Esangga, and drummer, Ed Menacho of Brilliante Records, organized this event.
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